Penis Problems Support Groups 

If you have a support group you'd like listed here please email:

moreinfo @  

Small penis support groups

The best group of is kind is to be found here: Has many active supporters, forums on all subjects, and a real sense of community.

Yahoo! has some groups devoted to the subject of the small penis.

Large penis support group

And here is what purports to be a large penis support group.

Hypospadias and epispadias support

is available from the excellent Hypospadias and Epispadias Association website at Hypospadias Association and here.

Peyronie's disease support group

An informational site        A Peyronie's support group

Paruresis support

Paruresis, aka Pee shyness can be explored here.

STD support groups

There is no shortage of such groups on the internet. Go to Google and type in STD support group. You'll have plenty to choose from. Particular groups will be listed here on request.

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