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In the woman, the muscles involved are those which surround the vagina, and particularly those surrounding the vaginal entrance. There are two sets of these muscles. The first is a double-horseshoe, which is connected to the interior of the pubic bone.

One loop of this muscle encloses the vagina, and the other, and larger, loop encloses the rectum.

The second set forms a figure-of-eight, one loop surrounding the vaginal entrance and the other surrounding the anus.

The muscles surrounding the rectum and anus - which the man also has - control the emptying action of the bowels.

They can be brought into play deliberately by a contraction of the stomach muscles accompanied by a kind of bearing down, or straining.

By this contraction, the rectal muscle forces the contents of the rectum down towards the anus, to which the anal muscle responds by relaxing and thus enlarging the opening to allow the feces to exit.

he muscle at the vaginal entrance, which is especially important in our considerations, is a sphincter, like the anal muscle. (A sphincter is a muscle surrounding and closing an opening or tube.)

It is this muscle that keeps the vagina-entrance - as the anal sphincter keeps the anus - closed, so that, for example, when a woman takes a bath, water does not enter the vagina or the rectum.

Both openings only expand when persuaded to do so by a penetrating object. Now, the horseshoe-shaped band of muscle surrounding the vagina and the muscle in the vaginal entrance are only normally contracted when a woman has an orgasm. If you are pre-orgasmic and wish to learn how to make a woman come, click here.

They go into action then, of their own accord, and nothing the woman can do can stop them. In a great many women, however, these contractions are so slight that she is scarcely aware of them herself, while the man feels nothing, and generally has to ask her if she has come.

In other women where the contractions can be felt by the woman, more often than not they can be felt by the man with sensations that seem as though the penis is being gripped. This is especially true of the vaginal entrance muscle.

Although, as I have said, the muscle surrounding the vagina and the vaginal sphincter are normally what is known as involuntary muscles, i.e. they cannot be prevented from acting under certain circumstances, they can by practice be converted into voluntary muscles.

If a woman can learn to control these muscles, she will be able to have much stronger orgasms. However, this is only part of the story. Orgasm massage is needed to ensure she enjoys sensuous orgasms with her partner during sex.

Strengthening the PC muscles by means of sensual massage and orgasm sensuousness massage techniques will make three important things happen to her.

One, her orgasm-sensations will be much more intense when she reaches orgasm during intercourse.

Two, she will have provided herself with a sex technique which will make her partner her slave for life (for any man, like my young friend, who has ever had his penis stimulated by the gripping and relaxing of the vaginal muscles, and especially of the vagina sphincter, will testify that it provides an experience of physical ecstasy almost unmatched by any other sexual stimulation; it is impossible to describe the sensations in words; they have to be experienced).

And three, by being able to enclose the penis within the vagina in a tight grip, she can experience that sensation which she sometimes desires and indeed needs, and which cannot be supplied entirely by penis of less than average size. All that is needed to achieve this is the willingness to devote ten minutes or so practice a day to Kegel exercising the muscles concerned.

To begin with, the woman provides herself with an object roughly the size of the partner's penis - preferably a dildo - having first lubricated it well.

By 'bearing down' she compels the rectal and anal muscles to contract, and by doing so automatically forces the vaginal muscles and vagina-sphincter to contract so as to have the effect of gripping the object in the vagina.

At the beginning, and probably for the first week, she will not feel the vaginal muscles and sphincter working at all; but if she perseveres she will in time become conscious of their movement.

Each time she carries out the exercise after that, the muscles will make a stronger response. When she feels the muscles to be gripping quite strongly the object in the vagina, she should replace it by a smaller one.

By trying to make the vagina grip this smaller object she will make the muscles even stronger, and by this method of using increasingly small dildos, it is possible for most women to be able to grip a single finger or a pencil quite strongly.

Let me repeat, once the woman has learned to contract  her vaginal muscles so that she can grip two, or better, one finger, she has not only added a marvelously stimulating technique to her repertoire, but has gone almost all the way to compensating for the imagined physical inadequacy of her partner's penis size.

One of the cardinal rules of all men who imagine they have penile inadequacy should be that they never allow themselves to develop a pot belly, for this, even on a well-equipped man, has a horrible habit of getting in the way during lovemaking, arid it can make quite a difference to depth of penetration.

The other ways in which lack of penile inches can be compensated for, is by the sex position - see - used in sexual intercourse. It is quite surprising how different penetration can be from position to position, and indeed on the same position according to the sexual position taken by the woman.

For example, in the missionary position, man on top, if the woman keeps her legs flat on the bed, not more than two-thirds of any length penis can go in.

But if she draws up her knees, until the soles of her feet are flat on the bed, penetration can be increased by an inch to an inch and a half, while the more she draws her knees up towards her breasts the deeper penetration will be.

If the woman lies over the edge of the bed with the soles of her feet flat on the floor, penetration will be even deeper than in the ordinary man-above position. She must, however, remember to keep her feet firmly on the ground, otherwise depth of penetration will be shortened.

With the woman lying on the man, penetration is shallow. If, however, she kneels or squats astride him, either facing him or with her back to him, and, after the penis has been put into the vagina, sits firmly down on his thighs, penetration will be maximum - provided the woman holds her torso absolutely erect.

If she leans either forward or back even a few degrees out of the absolute straight, penetration is lessened. In this position, the average 6-inch penis can stretch the vagina in such a way that the woman almost faints with the exquisiteness of the sensations.

The 4 and 5-inch penis can also produce stretching sensations or even seem completely to fill the vagina.

Other positions which also provide maximum depth of penetration during sex, but which do not produce the stretching sensations of the last position, are the rear-entry positions, especially the one in which the woman kneels with her weight supported by her taut arms. The man kneels behind her, between her parted legs. If the woman's buttocks are not abnormally large, the whole of the penis will go in.

A variation of this is when the woman takes up the same position on a low bed with her feet over the edge of the bed.

The man's legs straddle her feet. She opens her legs to allow the penis to be inserted and then closes them and squeezes them together. Penetration is very deep, and by squeezing her legs, she grips the penis and this gives her and her partner a sensation of fullness.

If the man sits on a chair and the woman sits on him with her back to him, very deep penetration is achieved. This will be increased further still if the man opens his thighs and the woman presses her body closer, thereby pushing the penis even further in.

If the woman lies on a table which is on the man's hip-level and he stands between her legs, penetration is deep. It can be increased if she raises her knees until she can cross her feet in the small of his back.

 The maximum penetration possible, though again not quite with the stretching sensations of the woman-above squatting or kneeling, is achieved if the woman draws her knees up to her breasts, he bends over her and she rests her calves or feet on his shoulders.

Complete penetration is also possible if the man sits on a chair well forward and the woman sits on him sideways, i.e. she has a shoulder towards him, instead of back or face. While keeping one foot on the floor she raises the leg nearest him.

These are a few of the positions which provide really deep or full penetration, even for the below-average-length penis. There are others which the couple should discover for themselves by experimenting.

If, while they are being used the woman brings her vaginal muscle control into play, and the man stimulates the woman's available sensitive zones, their experience and satisfaction will be no less than those of the couple where the male partner has a penis over 5 inches.

If those who are concerned with their penile length and girth will try out these techniques they will quickly discover that I am right when I say that a short penis is no less adequate than an average-length, or indeed above average-length penis.

However, having said all this, in some cases the mental distress caused by the smallness of the penis has been so great that attempts to enlarge it are fully justified if only that they will help to relieve this distress.

At the same time, though, I must stress once more that the combination of methods I am going to suggest does NOT guarantee success for everyone! Some penises will resist all attempts to stretch them, others may be stretched for a time, but if they are then ignored, they revert to their former measurements.

This method is a combination of exercises, massage and the use of a vacuum developer.

(1) Exercises which tone up the male sexual apparatus;

(2) Massage of the penis with a specially prepared cream

(3) A vacuum developer. This is a glass tube fitted with a rubber tube ending in a bulb. The tube is fitted over the limp penis, and when the bulb is depressed a vacuum is created in the tube, which draws the penis while still flaccid up to its maximum erect measurements.

After several applications the penis tissue will begin to stretch by slow degrees; no overnight miracle should be expected - and the dimensions of the penis will increase.

For the first few weeks the penis will revert to its usual limp size as soon as the tube is removed.

 It will then begin to stay larger for say an hour, then two, and eventually - we hope - permanently. A leading urinogenitary specialist reported that no damage could be done to the penis by its use, unless the user goes mad and really maltreats his penis. This was the program.

For the first fortnight, some time in the evening, we did the exercises, then put hot compresses, as hot as one could bear - but for heaven's sake, do be careful not to have the water too hot round the penis - for about ten minutes. As the compress cooled, so we reheated it. A face flannel, dipped in hot water and wrung out, works very well.

We then applied a liberal application of cream to the penis, and either standing with legs apart, or on the edge of a hard-seated chair, we began the massage. The action was that of milking, using both hands and beginning each stroke always at the base of the penis, and the hand was pushed away up towards the glans. Before the top hand was taken from the penis, the other hand was already grasping the base ready to follow it.

Quite strong pressure was applied, and the penis was stretched with every stroke as far as it would go, hurting a little, but not too much.

Once the massage has been started the motion of the hands must be continued rhythmically. The rate of stroke should be fairly slow. Some of the group had the co-operation of their wives for the massage, which was even better than self-massage.

Whether we massaged ourselves or were massaged by wives, most of us found that for the first four or five days we all got erections after a few minutes of massage, but we decided, after some discussion, to continue with it, even after we had ejaculated, though some whose penises got very tender indeed after orgasm, had to pause for a minute or two until the tenderness had passed. After this initial period, we all found that we did not get erections, however long we continued the massage.

During the first fortnight, we continued the massage for ten minutes. Immediately after massage, we applied the vacuum developer. As a rule, the penis was so well lubricated by the cream, that we did not have to use a lubricant to get the penis into the tube.

Care must be taken to see that the penis goes into the tube quite straight. There is a knack of doing this, which I cannot explain, but it is quite easily acquired in a short time.

Some found the best and quickest  way to get the penis straight into the tube was to stimulate the penis deliberately until it was erect, then slip it quickly into the tube and wait for the erection to subside, before applying the vacuum.

The penis should be stretched by the vacuum until there is a mild pulling-aching sensation in the root.

The vacuum was applied for ten minutes. At the end of the first fortnight we noticed that the penis was remaining inflated for noticeably longer periods after the tube was removed - between fifteen and twenty minutes.

During this first period the whole treatment took about an hour.

For the next fortnight, and always thereafter, we did the exercises in the morning on getting up, and the massage and developer at some time convenient during the day. We increased the massage time and the developer time to twenty minutes.

For the remainder of the three months and four months respectively that we kept to our daily program very strictly, we did the exercises in the morning and massaged the penis for half an hour and applied the developer for half an hour, at some convenient time during the day, but always following massage immediately with vacuum developer.

I must stress that the exercises are absolutely vital. In toning up the muscles of the pelvic area and giving stronger and better orgasms during sex, and they also increase the blood supply to the penis.

This not only gives fantastically strong erections, but keeps the enlarged flaccid penis from reverting to its previous state. Please take my warning - it may not work for you.

But I think that if you wish to enlarge your penis the method stands as good a chance as any, if not better.

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