Manifesting Abundance

Manifestation and the Law Of Attraction

One of the things that people often discover as they get into personal development work later in life is the extent to which their life has been ruled by fear.

It can be quite a shock to understand how much your negative consciousness has been at play in your life, but the good thing about understanding this is that it allows you to change your mental attitude and outlook for the better.

If you live your life based on your fear of what people might be doing or thinking, then it's quite obvious that you're not living in the present, you're living in the future.

When you become aware of such perspective, you can actually begin to change it for the better, by examining very carefully indeed what risks and benefits might be attached to any situation in which you find yourself, in relation to other people.

One of the truths that becomes very clear when you do this process is to understand that there is no real and absolute perspective on the world: everything depends on your point of view.

People who are capable of manifesting by use of the law of attraction seem to be very good at holding a viewpoint of the world where optimism prevails where the expectation of success, and abundance, can guide their actions in every area of life.

The interesting thing about this is that it takes comparatively little effort to become a positive thinker, and to change your attitude from the negative prospect of fear to the positive prospect of abundance, joy and love.

So by reworking your assumptions and beliefs about the world around you, it's likely that you can produce much greater success and manifest reality in your life.

But overcoming fear and developing a positive attitude is only part of the solution: you see the point is this that wherever you are in life at the moment is the product of everything that you have thought and felt and experienced up to this point in your existence.

There is nothing that is around you now that has not been created by you. There is no person or place or circumstance or event which is responsible for the creation of the world that you now live in.

You alone have created it, as you alone have full control and full choice of the circumstances in which you live, work, and operate on a day-to-day basis.

Acting like a victim, and emphasizing how badly the world is treated you, or how adverse the circumstances that you faced in life in the past may have been, is not going to serve you now it's just going to propagate a way of thinking that can only damage your ambitions to manifest abundance with the law of attraction.

You see the thing about the Law of Attraction is that it works by a kind of resonant frequency with the energy that you put out: in short, this means that if you put out an energy that is about fear and lack, then the universe will create exactly that reality around you.

And you may say "Well what about people who are ruled by tyrants or imprisoned, or abused or disadvantaged?" I won't get into a moral discussion here about the rights and wrongs of the ethics and lack of ethics, the concept of blame, and the concept of victimhood.

Suffice it to say that if you examine the lives of people around you, you find that it is possible to take absolute control of your circumstances, and when you do that it's absolutely possible to achieve anything that you want. Indeed, the law of Attraction is precisely what allows us to choose our destiny. Click here to read about how it works.

Whether or not a person is capable of taking control of their lives in this way probably depends on the level of consciousness they have evolved.

So think of people like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela: all of these people had to stand for the belief they held about a different world, and they manifested their new reality, despite all of the obstacles and difficulties put in their way by other people.

It's interesting to note that they weren't supported in their ambition to manifest a different reality by other people they were supported entirely by their own dream and the passion that led them to believe in it so firmly.

This is called changing context. Changing context means changing the background, because context is the fabric of illusion as we already mentioned, very few things are actually as they seem to be. Perception is everything.

The context in which we live defines our expectations of life, and defines how we can interact with the world.

Where your context is one of optimism and joy, where your context is one of the expansion of consciousness and achievement of success in the world, this consciousness will take you far because it allows you to dream more positive circumstances that you can then manifest in the world.

So changing your world view, the context in which you operate isn't as easy as you might expect how often have you made a resolution to do something differently, only to find that you abandon it at the first challenge?

Your context is the thing that defines your reality, and makes you into the person that you are in the world that you occupy.

Indeed people cling to context because that is how they have grown up viewing the world, how they believe it must inevitably be.

Yet the truth is that certain things within the context of our lives change constantly sometimes dramatically overnight, sometimes slowly increments.

But as these changes occur, your attitude and perspective on life also changes. Bringing about dramatic change in your attitude can be done by changing your internal context or environment, that is to say the beliefs and assumptions which rule the way you interact with the world.

So from this perspective, of course any individual whose lives on this planet is not only the product of reality, but also the producer of reality both the dream and the dreamer, so to speak.

And yet how very few people are controlling the dream they are living by or within. Choosing what you want to be your dream is a vital element of personal growth and development, a vital element of becoming who you truly are, who you always were meant to be.

How many times have you come across people who change their reality by taking courageous and positive action?

This is the final step in changing reality and attracting a new vision. To start, you need a dream, and you need lots of emotional energy to fuel your belief in the possibility of that dream becoming a reality.

But the truth is that without action, no dream can become a reality. There are several reasons why this is some of them obvious, some of them more metaphysical, but suffice it to say that in essence the universe responds to action on your part by providing opportunity for you to manifest the dream that you hold dear.

In short, your daily thoughts and actions will affect the outcome of your attempts to manifest reality and yet everything that you need to manifest reality is within you now.

Tapping into the resources that are available to you internally rule require not just action on a practical level, but action on an emotional and mental level as well.

That will start by defining your reality in a different way, by working on the beliefs you hold inhibit you from achieving the manifestation of a better reality, and then taking steps to ensure some creative implementation of your dream.

In manifesting by the law of attraction, you're effectively moving backwards and forwards between the scene world which surrounds you now in your everyday life, and the unseen world, which is as yet intangible and on manifest.

This is the realm of every possibility imaginable, from which you can produce a certain type of physical reality, a certain outcome, by ensuring that you are taking steps to convince the universe that your reality will manifest.

So identifying your soul's intention here is important. And what I mean by soul's intention is the meaning which the deepest part of you has for the life you have yet to live.

You can call it a mission, or you can call it a purpose, or you can call it whatever you like, but this is the reason that you were put on the planet in the first place. This is the reason why you came into existence, and if you leave your life without having achieved this purpose you will probably be unfulfilled at the moment of your death.

And it's not that difficult to identify your soul purpose: in fact many people find that once they do it they get a great sense of relief, they can take their power back, and they can embark on surprising and massive action to achieve their objectives without having any sense anything to lose.


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