Penis Size Facts

If you've read any information on the Internet about penis size, you could be forgiven for thinking that every survey which comes out proves something different.

Yet of course the reality is that probably none of them prove anything important about penis size.

Even so, we can get some ideas about what matters to men by looking at what people said when they were asked relevant questions about size, performance in bed, and women's attitudes.

It's not entirely clear why the conclusions of the following study so peculiar, but here they are.

What happened here is that over 2000 people, slightly more men than women, were asked about penis size, specifically about their ideal size and their expectations.

Apparently Britain was right at the bottom of the list, where people expected the erect penis to be no more than 5 inches, but thought that an ideal length would be 5.5 inches – we're talking erect here of course.

Poland, strangely enough, was top of the list with an expectation that a penis would be 6 inches long, an ideal size was nearer 7 inches!

Perhaps this represents some kind of national self-confidence, where Poland, having freed itself from the shackles of communism is reflecting its national pride in its abundant view of men's erect cock size!

Well, that's a ridiculous idea – if it were true, the United States, one of the most confident countries in the world, would be at the top of the list, but it isn't.

On average, the people who were questioned in the survey expected that penis would turn out abound 5 inches, and the ideal length was 6 inches.

But the average white male penis size is 5.9 inches erect (black men coming in at half an inch longer.)

So whatever the statistics mean, and to be honest it probably isn't very much, there is a sort of expectation here that the average penis erect is around 6 inches long.

And the other obvious fact is that most people's expectations are lower than their view of "ideal length". A kind of "Prepare to be disappointed" strategy, perhaps?

Taking Penis Size Studied Further

The next natural step was to look at how women and men compare in terms of ideal length. It turns out, interestingly enough, that women thought an ideal penis was an average 0.7 inches (2 cm) greater than men's ideal length. So does that mean women value a longer, bigger penis? Strangely enough we have some data on that too...

Apparently 67.5% of women said penis size was "somewhat important" while 21.4% said it was "not important". Only 11.2%, you'll be glad to know, said it was "very important "– these women no doubt being the size queens who regard sex with a man whose penis is less than average size as being a waste of time.

It's perhaps the size queens amongst the female population who destroy male confidence more than anybody else.

Certainly, for the average woman, it seems that she might feel size is not important or it's only "somewhat important". In other words, penis size is a factor of comparatively little importance.

Of course, anybody sensitive enough to realize that a relationship with a woman depends on intimacy, love and connection, sharing feelings and thoughts, and so on, could have understood that! Indeed, for a woman, love, not penis size, conquers all!

It's a very male centric view of penis size that wants to believe women find it important. Women want a man to fall in love with them!  That's what men do not  understand - click here to discover how this plays out in relationships.

And of course that's an interesting fact in itself. Perhaps it serves men who are "average size" or  smaller to regard women as the arbiters of whether penis size is important not? (In reality, this looks like an abdication of masculinity!)

When it comes down to the bedroom antics where penis size might matter, the reality is rather different than the surveys seem to imply.

The Internet in particular has changed perceptions of penis size greatly, so that now we have no idea what's "real"!

We watch porn which consists of grossly over-endowed men thrusting for long, long periods of time before they come, and women being treated with disrespect as mere sex objects.

This view of sex, and the commercialization of women's bodies which we see in the media, distorts the reality of penis size perceptions so greatly that we're almost all now coming to believe the ideal penis is one which is big and fat and long and can stay hard and erect hours at a time!

But there is one encouraging finding from the survey, thank heavens!

Most women don't think penis size is critical crucial issue in any way, and the majority of men are satisfied with the size of their organ.

Interestingly enough, although it's traditionally been an obsession for men, women's magazines are full of articles on this subject. If we look at for exmaple, the good news is that apart from the 11% of women mentioned above to whom size really does matter, the majority of women don't care about penis size.

But it goes well beyond that! It turns out that 84% of women are very satisfied with their man's penis size. Think about this! It means is that 7 out of every 8  women really believe that their man's penis size is perfectly adequate – no wonder, because what's really important for women in sexual interactions with men is connection, love, harmony, happiness, intimacy…

You name them, the feminine "soft" qualities which aren't about having a rigid hard large member, but are about emotional and physical connection, are what women want.

Finally, in one survey, over 25,000 men were asked about penis size, and two thirds of them said their penises were "average". Interestingly enough, men were quite likely to call their penises "average" or "small"; much more likely than women, in fact.

Only 12 % of men called their penis small, while 6% of women called their man's penis small. And an interesting fact which we need to remember is that big penises don't suit all women – in fact quite a lot of women, 27% to be precise, called their man's penis "large" – which begins to imply that women might find it discomforting and uncomfortable to be met with a big penis in the bedroom.


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Updated November 06, 2017