A Pictorial Guide to the Penis 

This site is a pictorial guide to the penis in all its variations, both erect and soft. If you want to know what an uncircumcised penis looks like, there's a page focusing on the foreskin and circumcision.

Common problems, including some unusual angles of the erect penis and bends in the shaft or twists between head and shaft which you may consider to be a problem if your penis looks like that.

Find out the distribution of penises in each category of shape and size, angle of erection and so on. Variations of penis size and shape are discussed in detail, and because many men never see another man's cock, you may well be surprised to find that the unusual or even the abnormal is actually quite common. We also explain average penis size.

We have a collection of photos of hypospadias and Peyronie's disease and indeed other problems or issues including curvature of erection in all directions, malapposition - twisting of the glans in relation to the shaft, and even penile shaft rotation. You can read about Paruresis or pee-shyness here.

The retractile penis, which can be so uncomfortable for men who have one, is shown in pictures, with some estimates of how common it is (quite common, actually!). If your penis happens to be one of the ones that spends more time tucked away than on view,  it may be reassuring to discover this is quite a common condition.  

We have pictures of spots, lumps and bumps, we describe prominent veins, foreskin phimosis and circumcision botches, including the scar. There is also a comprehensive page of other variations which can't easily be classified and a page on sexually transmitted diseases, which may give you a clue about what's wrong with your dick. If you suspect you may have a sexual infection, see a doctor.

We are always require more photographs to enhance and expand this collection, so don't hesitate to send us your picture if you think that would be useful. This may well help another man with the same problem. As for problems, we have come to see that one of the most common sexual problems for men is yeast infection, which can afflict all men of all ages. You can click here for more information on yeast infection in men.

We have a variety of websites available to help you learn about human sexuality, one of which is this one, where you can find plenty of information about sex and human sexuality. If you want to know more about female sexuality, this is very useful because it covers just about every area of sexual experience.

We think one of the best ways to get over them is to use a self help program: and one of the best is discussed here: it's just a superb review of Ejaculation By Command by Lloyd Lester, which is a complete program to avoid premature ejaculation, one that you will find especially useful if you wish to know overcome ejaculatory dysfunction.

Sexual Affairs And Reflections

Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

I wonder if you actually are aware of your own power? One of the interesting things about life is that so few of us actually walk through it in a conscious fashion – we actually did a dream as we go through life, never experiencing the true magnificence and grandeur of the opportunities and possibilities open to us.

And one of the reasons for this is undoubtedly the fact that life has made many of us cynical, if not even bitter. But the point I want to get across to you is that if you can move from a place of cynicism to a place of gratitude and hope, then your experience of life is going to be magnificent, fulfilled, and satisfying.

Now many of you out there will be groaning, and muttering to yourselves about "new-age thinking". Well, I don't know what "new-age thinking" means, but what I do know is that manifestation of the law of attraction – for which we can roughly say "getting what you want by exerting your natural human power" – is a natural ability that we've had for generations, continue to have, although these days it's rarely used.

The Secret was almost ironic in the unfailingly positive expression of how the power of the human mind can manifest reality in the everyday world.

But I don't believe that material on attracting reality has to be swathed in dubious New Age language. You see, manifestation is a very respectable process, not esoteric, not mumbo-jumbo, but known for centuries and respected by common people and  philosophers alike. If you don't find out how it works, you are doing yourself a remarkable disservice! It can transform you rlife.

The Law Of Attraction

In short, what I'm saying is this: if you are not experiencing the power of law of attraction in your everyday life, then you really need to shape up and discover for yourself the possibilities that are open to you in terms of transforming reality.


The man is ready for intercourse when he has a good erection and is fully aroused. The size of the penis during erection can be increased by pressure on the dorsal vein, which runs through the middle of the upper part. However, if a man has delayed ejaculation (a male sexual dysfunction), then he may find that his slow or late climax needs more attention than can be given by a compassionate lover. This issue of slow or late climax in men can be solved easily enough, in simple ways - such as increasing stimulation so he is more aroused - or by densitization.

This can be done by finger pressure at the base of the penis or deep penetration of the penis into the vagina, with pressure of the upper part of the base of the penis against the pubic bone of the woman.

The woman's readiness is harder to determine, but can usually be seen when she lubricates the external genitals and the entrance to the vagina. This secretion marks the woman's physical readiness. It makes entrance easier and intensifies the sexual pleasure. By this time, the entire vulva is somewhat swollen and sensitive.

The clitoris is in erection, although due to its small size, semi-concealed position and, frequently, the fatty tissues of surrounding parts, it may not be apparent. Read more about sexual intercourse here.

The act of intercourse (coitus, copulation, etc.) consists of the insertion of the erect penis into the woman's vagina and the muscular movements, many of them involuntary, leading through ever greater excitation to the climax or orgasm.

During intercourse, the face and sometimes the whole body gets red. The eyes shine, the pupils are highly dilated, the blood pressure rises. Breathing becomes shallow and rapid, seeming almost to stop at times. The heart beats strong and fast. Secretions pour from the sweat glands, the Glands of Bartholin and the Glands of Cowper in the penis.

There is an excess of saliva in the mouth. The muscles of the body contract involuntarily and sometimes violently. There are rhythmic contractions of the muscles at the base of the penis, expelling the semen in jets. Similar involuntary contractions, though not so violent, occur in the ring of muscles around the opening of the vagina. The orgasmic climax is reached and passed and reaction sets in.


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In fact, these techniques can make her so sexually aroused that both of you experience greater sexual pleasure than ever before. Take your sex life to another level now !


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¡Termina ya con la eyaculación precoz!


Pour les informations en Français sur éjaculation prématurée ou ejaculation précoce cliquez ici. Et purs les informations sur dysfonction érectile et impuissance.

The quickest and best way to stop ejaculating prematurely is to use a series of premature ejaculation exercises. That way, you will never experience problems coming too quickly in bed again!

It is neither possible nor desirable to prescribe any routine form of behavior or any set rules to be followed during intercourse. In this intimate sphere of human relationship, dependence must be placed largely upon individual spontaneity and skill, as well as upon a mutual understanding and adaptation. This means, of course, showing yourself fully in relationship with a partner - not always an easy thing to do! Claire Casey is an expert in relationships and has written many articles on how to establish good quality relationships for men and women alike.

The erogenous zones (areas of sexual stimulation) vary in different people. In men, they are fairly localized, centering in the glans, although the ears, back of the neck, inner thighs, nipples, have varying degrees of sensitivity in different men. In women, especially early in their sexual life, the erogenous zones are more diffuse: the lobes of the ears, kissing and fondling of the breasts, especially the nipples, kissing and caressing of the body, can  generally produce a sexual response. The building up of excitation will finally lead to caressing and stroking of the genitals, especially the clitoris. With a little practice and study, the couple will learn to know when to pass on to the next step of the act, insertion of the penis into the vagina.




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